George Mahashe Photography


I work in photography, particularly the photography that has to do with culture or cultural constructs. Mainly photographing people in relation to their place in time. Personally I find Diane Arbus's quote " …I really believe that there are things which nobody would see unless I photograph them” as definitive in photography's power.

In my quest for restoring and manipulating history, I am interested in photography's ability to foster dialogue between people, young or old, rural or urban. People tend to open up when a photograph is presented, they respond because we all have an experience of photography, either as the subject, photographer or viewer/audience. It is this quality that fascinates me and compels me to strive towards an understanding of what is it about photography that makes it so. I am particularly interested in how photography is implicated in almost all visual arts practices, and I find myself working more and more with photography as visual art, privileging its ability to transgress between the different disciplines of art and the wider humanities.

At the end of the day, photography is a practice, one must make photographs to understand it.